Jeff Monge

Managing Partner
Monge Capital Advisors, LLC

Jeff Monge's remarkable professional journey has seamlessly blended his keen business acumen with a fervent commitment to education and community advocacy. Hailing from the Bronx, Monge has consistently directed his efforts toward uplifting underprivileged communities.

Currently serving as the Managing Director of Monge Capital, a Latino-owned firm specializing in advising and brokering complex business and real estate investments, Jeff has played a pivotal role in orchestrating transactions that deliver both market returns for investors and social impacts for communities. Under his leadership, Monge Capital has successfully closed over $2 billion in complex
structured financial transactions, resulting in the generation of thousands of constructions and permanent jobs, along with critical community services.

Monge Capital's expertise extends to direct equity and loan investing, leveraging public financing programs, and focusing on New Market Tax Credits (NMTCs), Historic Tax Credits, and Opportunity Zones (OZ). In a recent collaboration with Lendistry, a fintech Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) lender, Jeff secured a $35 million NMTC allocation to establish a fund supporting minority business enterprises (MBEs).

In 2018, Monge Capital, under Jeff's guidance, closed one of the nation's first Opportunity Zone deals. This groundbreaking deal facilitated the construction of the fully renovated Monge Capital headquarters in Downtown Newark and the establishment of Newark Synergy, a collaborative working space fostering social impact in the community development field.

Prior to founding Monge Capital, Jeff held the position of Senior Vice Principal at Urban America, L.P., a minority-owned $520 million real estate investment fund. His role focused on developing commercial real estate in underserved urban markets. Jeff also served as the Director of Business Investments for the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, a $250 million public investment fund, overseeing investments for various community revitalization initiatives.

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